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Stanley No. 41 Straight Edge Level

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This allows you to essentially have any size level you need while only buying one tool. You could also make any size straight edge you want or need.

So that’s the theory behind this little level, but does it work? Well, with a caveat I have to say that yes, it works quite well. The caveat is that I had to file mine a little bit to get the L castings accurate. I did not have to take off much, but I did have to file a little bit.

I also compared it to a known accurate level to get it just right. Now it is very accurate as long as you mount it firmly and correctly on the straight edge. It is also quite easy to read the level.

I have found a few other uses for this little guy. For example, it makes a dandy little pocket level for things like a small shelf.

My favorite use for it however is to help avoid marital disputes! How in the world can a little level help your marriage? Have you ever tried to hang a picture with your wife, and both agree on if the picture was straight or not? As it turns out using this little level as a pocket level you can avoid that discussion altogether. “Hey look honey the picture is straight!”

What I bought as a curiosity has turned out to be a very nice little tool. While I don’t end up using it as often as a dedicated level, it is quite handy to have around at times. Usually these are inexpensive so if you run across one pick it up, and I think you’ll be surprised at how useful it can be.

Jason Stamper
Mountain City, TN
June, 2017

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