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Woodworking with Jason Stamper


Some of my wood and tool working.


Jason Stamper


I live in the mountains of East Tennessee with my lovely wife and two awesome sons. Though I have made items for money from time to time, I really consider myself more of a hobbyist woodworker. I have been woodworking for more than 10 years now, and I use a mixed approach. In other words I use some power tools for the “apprentice work” of rough dimensioning stock and hand tools for all my joinery/finish work.

I got into woodworking mainly as a way to make things I could not afford on a “just graduated from college, ramen noodle, buy 5 gallons at a time of heating oil” type budget. One of my first projects was a presentation case for a single action pistol.

Another project was a book shelf for my girlfriend to display her collection of Bryer horses on (she did end up marrying me, so it must not have been too bad). For these early projects, about all the tools I had were a circular saw my dad gave me, a borrowed router, and a cheap measuring tape. Looking back it makes me shudder to think about cutting some of those tiny pieces with that circular saw, and quite thankful that I have all my fingers!

I quickly discovered that I loved woodworking, and as my employment got better, so too did my tools. As time marched on, I began to gravitate more towards vintage and hand tools. As a history buff, this connected two strong interests, and I found my real woodworking passion.

I love the historical value of these tools, but I also love the feel of a vintage plane, saw, or bit brace in my hand. I even restored a 100 year old tool chest to house my most treasured and often used tools.

These days I do as much as I can with hand tools, and at least for me, the experience is much more rewarding. So while my router table and power miter saw collect dust, my router plane and miter box are busy making dust!

If you like to contact me please email me at

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