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1840ís Plow Plane Tune Up

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While not perfect, I felt it was pretty darn good, and would not cause any further problems.

With it back in square, I gave it a final light sanding with 220-grit sandpaper. I then finished it off with a few coats of wax. The wax will seal the wood, but also make it slide better when in use.

Here she is all put back together and looking well for around 180 years old.

There is a take away for me in all this. This plane has no makerís marks, and very little market value. However, it does still have value to me as a piece of history.

I believe that going forward I will use it only on small jobs. The feeling of using a 180 year old plane is awesome; a real and tangible connection to the past. And if nothing else Iíve got a great excuse to buy an iron plow or combination plane to use for heavier work!

Jason Stamper
Mountain City, TN
February, 2017

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