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Ten pounds of tools in a five pound sack

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I have read many books and seen tons of pictures of shops over the years.

Most of the shops in the books and online I see are nice, big spaces crammed full of wood and tools.

So when I had the opportunity to set up a new shop at my house I naturally wanted to build a nice big shop.

Unfortunately my budget had other ideas, so I started looking for alternatives. What I ended up with was a nicely built, pre-made 10x16 storage building. It did have a higher ceiling and some lofts for extra storage. Also it had a wrap-around shelf that would need to come out. I was a bit apprehensive that 10x16 would be big enough, but decided to put my mind to maximizing my available space. The other rule I made myself, NO lawn and garden tools, only dedicated woodworking tools.

The first thing I did was to remove all of the wrap-around shelving. I set all that material aside and I actually have plans for it later. Then I moved most of my stuff in. I had done some preliminary planning with little scale drawings so I had an idea where I wanted everything. Also, once the porch was on it made access to the shop much easier, plus I can now grill and drill with ease!

I decided to place most of my stuff along the long walls of the shop. This gave me a relative large open area in the middle of the shop. On the left wall I put my workbench, tool chests, drill press, scroll saw, and even a small cabinet.

The right side wall has my table saw, and a long combination router table and miter saw table. In my old shop I had a cheap power miter saw on this table, but now it houses my 1930ís cast iron Wards Master (Stanley) miter box.

The router table in the right wing of the table almost never gets used anymore since I got into traditional woodworking and use more molding planes.

In fact I have a radio and book sitting on it and Iíve not even plugged my router in since I moved into this shop almost a year ago! The spaces under the top of the table house 1 drawer with router bits in it, and have room for many more drawers as the need arises. I also store my planer, shop vac, and store wood under the miter saw table.

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