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The Old Monkey Wrench

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These days, when I need an adjustable wrench, I find myself reaching for my Girard.

Again, while my modern version works, it definitely lacks heft and feel that this antique has. I use this wrench for installing bolts in some of my projects, and it works great for lag screws too.

I have also used it to install large hooks and eyes. With the adjustment you can get a good grip on the hook/eye, and you have plenty of torque to turn it in.

In closing, if you run across one of these old monkey wrenches give it some consideration.

I find them to be often superior to a modern version, plus they are way cooler in your toolbox. It is quite useful in both my woodshop, and for around the house projects. I am very glad I ran across this little gem; it has become a welcome addition to my small collection.

Jason Stamper
Mountain City, TN
September, 2017

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