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They are often called ďThe Greatest Generation.Ē

Whatís this got to do with woodworking?


The generation that fought in World War II sacrificed so very much for our country both at home, and in the military.

I personally believe the statement to be absolutely true! My feelings on this are very personal because both of my grandfathers were in the war, and were both fine men.

Whatís this got to do with woodworking? Iím glad you asked, and I promise Iíll get to that in a moment, but I want to give you some more background first.

It was my very personal connection to the World War two era that led me to my most recent tool acquisition. Itís a different kind of tool, a tool once used for war.

Iíve long had a desire to buy a 1903 Springfield rifle, and recently the opportunity came along to get one at a price I could not turn down.

I was even able to test it out before I bought it, and after two shots I knew it was mine!

My particular version is the 1903a3, which was produced in World War II by Remington.

There is some debate on what units were issued this older design of rifle, as the M1 Garand was the new standard issue infantry rifle for the Army and Marines. The general thinking seems to be that the Garand was not available in sufficient numbers to fully equip all the troops, so the venerable 1903 Springfield was there alongside the Garand in many units. Here is a picture of some of the proof marks on the rifle and the stock.

Now hereís where the woodworking comes in. My copy was in need of a little bit of help on the stock. The previous owner had installed an aftermarket trigger that had an extra safety on it. To do this he had to remove part of the stock near the receiver.

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