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Plane of the Week with Ryan Sparreboom

  Flooring Raglet Plane by Ryan Sparreboom 2 of 3  

The Mathieson and Son, Glasgow “Best Warranted” stamp displayed clearly upside down on the front of the plane.

The plane features an original inset handle which is angled away from the working edge by about 10 degrees.

This design would help protect the user's hand from hitting the wall, although I imagine a left-handed user may have had a more difficult time with this setup!

The plane has a wide sole offering a significant surface to ride along the flooring as it cut next to the wall. Only the cutting portion features the added steel sole plating. Interestingly, the 3/8” wide iron and front knicker cut straight across at 90 degrees to the wall, but the mouth and escapement are angled.

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