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Plane of the Week with Ryan Sparreboom

  Mathieson in March - Part 4 2 of 5  

The Mathieson plane shown below is similar to the one made by Stewart featured in “Mathieson in March” Part 2. It is a double iron, sash moulding plane.

The twin iron, sash moulding plane, with early Mathieson
mark stamped on the front.

The mark on this plane, referred to as an “incuse” mark, is another of Mathieson’s early marks. It dates from approximately the same period as the script mark above, 1822 to 1850.

Glass Check Plane.

The plane above is a bit more unusual, and a uniquely Scottish style. Called a Glass Check plane, it is used to cut the flat rebates on both sides of a window sash bar at the same time. The plane features a wooden adjustable depth stop and fence attached to the sole with screws, similar to the moving fillister plane.


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