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Bench Chisels

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Working with Hands - James E. Price

  English Joiners' Mallet 2 of 3  

I will shed more light on the parts of an English mallet infilled with lignum vitae that serves as the two striking surfaces. This is for those of you who have expressed interest in making one.

This photo illustrates the four parts, two LV inserts,
the gunmetal casting, and the handle.

First, this tool is not one that you will be making in one afternoon due to the precise way it is assembled and locked together. Please be aware that the gunmetal sleeve is slightly tapered from top to bottom so that the two pieces of lignum vitae enter in only one direction.

This is the way the inserts fit on the handle inside the casting.

Also, be aware that the two pieces of lignum are each slightly tapered and form opposing wedges in the gunmetal casting. When the two pieces of lignum vitae are inserted into the casting and tapped into place, they fill the cavity exactly, just like the infill of a plane forms a very snug fit in its bed.

Overall length of the inserts.

Then, be cognizant that the handle hole in the front of the casting is slightly bigger than the rear handle hole. The handle holes through the lignum vitae inserts create a uniform taper to create an adze eye through the assembled parts.

Overall width of the inserts.

When the two pieces of lignum are exactly in place and match the holes in the casting, the handle is inserted through the front hole in the casting and tapped into place.

Thickness go the casting at the front handle hole.

This locks the two pieces of lignum and the casting together because the handle has tapered top, bottom, and sides. When firmly driven into place the head is extremely tight on the handle.

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