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Bench Chisels

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Working with Hands - James E. Price

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I made a new place for my plane to hide from moisture and dust. Yesterday afternoon and today I created a nice mahogany and cherry case for it.

The lid has an ebony insert in a hole for the thumb grab for pulling the sliding lid open. A mother of pearl dot adorns the cherry lid and a coin is inlaid in the end so I will know what is in the case.

The sliding lid has a better appearance if it is cut a little proud to create a shadow.

This case was hand dovetailed and it has a captured paneled bottom. And, yes, I always leave the scribe lines on my tool cases. There will be no doubt that the pins and tails were cut by hand and not machine.

I like the way ebony and mother of pearl contrast.

The chariot plane fits snugly in its new case with just enough clearance to remove it. This takes considerable planning during layout of the ends and sides.

James E. Price
March, 2017

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