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Working with Hands - James E. Price

  Two Small Precision Planes by James E. Price  

I don't have a story to go with these planes other than I made them six years ago.



I needed some precision planes, bigger than violin thumb planes but smaller than most manufactured planes, so I came up with designs for planes at the scale I needed.

The soles on these planes are two inches in length. The top one in the first photo is convex from side to side and the bottom plane is convex from from front to back.

The beds of these planes are made from brass scrap and are one piece. The cutters are made from old worn out Stanley No. 4 plane blades by cutting sections out of the old blade on either side of the slot. I then heated the blades in a forge and quenched them in water to harden them. Next I backed the hardness off until I had a straw-colored cutting edge. Lastly I ground and honed the cutting edges.

Handle and bun infill of the top plane is mahogany and the bottom one sports ebony.

The latter has a little bone dot inlay in the handle and the mahogany one has three brass dots as inlays. The wood is held in the brass beds with tiny screws with their slotted heads filed off after they were put in place.

I milled a long piece of brass then cut it up in 2-inch sections to make four planes.

James E. Price
June, 2016

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