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Not long ago
I attended The Groundhog Meet in Joplin, Missouri and came home with some really nice English infill planes.



My favorite find is the plane in photos below. It is a small miter plane made of gunmetal with screwed on steel sole plates.

It is only 8 inches long. When I first saw it I noticed a brass screw in the front and I assumed that it was turned to open and close the mouth but that is not the case.

It simply helps hold the infill in the casting. A rear screw also goes into the infill to help hold it. No glue was used to hold the infill blocks in the casting.

The sole is in two pieces, one fore and one aft of the mouth. The sole pieces are held on the gunmetal casting with screws. On the inside of the casting are lugs cast on the bottom margin.

Screws go through the lugs and hold the sole plates securely in place.

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