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I make lots of small things and small layout tools are necessary.





I soon found out that big slitting gauges, panel marking gauges, and squares just wouldn't work so I made some miniature tools which have worked well for me.

The first photo shows three of the tools I made and have used for about 20 years. There is a nickel in the photo for scale.

The blade of the square is made from a piece of steel crate banding.

The slitting gauge is made of ebony with brass fittings. The little knife in it is made from a piece of a thin Xacto blade.

The panel marking gauge is fashioned from rosewood and the brass retaining screw came from a junk box.

The tiny brass diamonds were a challenge to inlay in the stock of the square. All three tools were made totally with hand tools. All the brass used in these tools came from scrap.

James E. Price
January, 2016

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