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I made a shoot board for a right-handed Veritas shooting plane for use in The Heritage Shop at Ozark National Scenic Riverways.


I based its design somewhat on my old shoot board I made 40 years ago but made this one more robust. Both are 36 inches in length. I find shorter ones not to my liking.


My original shoot board is on the right.

The new one is made of cherry and I fashioned the 90-degree stop board wider than on my original. I also added a rail on the right side. For eye appeal I used a Veritas scratch stock to create a full corner bead on the outer margins of the two rails between which the plane slides. Don't think you have to buy a $339.00 plane for shooting.


This is a photo of the stop

If one buys the left-handed shoot board plane too, there goes $700 00 after paying postage on the pair. Even a small low angle block plane will work in shooting 90s and 45s on half-inch stock.

All parts were planed with a smoothing plan end scraped with a card scraper.

I used a bedrock 605 for years for shooting and was quite happy with the results. But, your shoot board must be designed to accommodate whatever plane you decide to use.

This No. 4 smoother has a Hock blade in it.

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