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Working with Hands - James E. Price

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Today I worked on a small shelf for a friend of a friend and got out a scraper I made about
five years ago.



I use it here to scrape walnut boards after I had planed them with a Stanley 4C.

I had forgotten how well that particular scraper works. It is made of mahogany with banded inlays as well as two little brass dot inlays on top of the handles.

It is 7 3/4 long, 2 1/4 tall, and 1 1/4th thick. This photo shows the slant which has to be on the bottom of the handles so the user can lean it.

I saw a homemade one in a junk store years ago and enhanced the concept of capturing the card scraper in slots in the handles and providing the means to flex the blade. A scraper like this is easy to make and can be fashioned from just about any scrap wood.

If you use card scrapers lots, one of these wooden holders will save some hand fatigue as well as prevent burns on your thumbs from the heat that can suddenly result from friction.

I made this one with a central adjustment screw to put a belly in the card scraper. The blade flexes to create a belly like you normally do with your thumbs. The screw in the center of the back is advanced to create more belly or bulge in the blade.

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