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With this post I share with you my favorite saw-set for setting the teeth on small back saws.



I use pliers-type sets for regular handsaws but this little set is far superior for use on saws that are 15 point and up.

This one is struck with a small hammer and the spring-loaded head can be rotated to put four different strikers in place, each of a different size.

On the embossed brass plate riveted to the front, in raised letters, is, "J. TOLL PATENTEE BORO LONDON". This is an extremely well made tool that was well cared for over the years.

Fortunately there is no rust pitting on the strikers or the little anvil face. I have yet to find any information on Mr. Toll and his years of operation. If anyone knows more about him and his operation, please share the information.

This is a view of the front of the saw-set.

The embossed plate is attached to the front of the set with two rivets.

In this photo you can see the striker head.
The saw rest can be extended out about 2 1/2 inches.

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