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For those of you who are not familiar with what English corner or miter clamps look like, this post is for you.

We are all familiar with the ubiquitous Craftsmen corner clamps that can be found in yard sales here in the U.S. They are not the greatest quality and are often found broken or with the slide bars bent.

Over the years I have fallen in love with English corner clamps which are quite different and perform extremely well. Yesterday at a tool show I purchased a Preston corner clamp to add to my clamps.

I had never seen one by Preston before and was pleasantly surprised when I realized that under the grease and grime it was decorated like Preston spokeshaves and planes.

This afternoon I cleaned the clamp and was delighted that it is well marked. If you see one of these clamps for a user price, I recommend that you snag it. Now I need three more of these aesthetically pleasing clamps to make a set.

This is a top view of the Preston clamp.

It is well marked on the thumb screw and has the Preston logo cast on the frame.

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