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A Case for Mathieson Shoulder Plane

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It has rained for two days and nights on the Ozark Border and I holed up in my shop and had a great time making yet another plane case.


This one is for a never-used Alex Mathieson shoulder plane. I had refrained from casing it until the time was right and two rainy days gave me time to compose my thoughts and materials to make a case worthy of such a plane.

Besides, the town is an island and all roads out are closed due to flooding. It was a pleasure working at my bench with the shop doors open so I could hear and see the rain fall. There is a caption with each photo.

This case has a sliding lid. The body is local walnut, the lid looks like some kind of mahogany, and the captured bottom panel is ash. The lid has a recess in it containing an old English horse brass depicting a woman at her spinning wheel.

The bottom of the recess is ebonized for to provide background for the horse brass. The thumb hold on the lid is a circular brass ring I retrieved from my brass stash. Decorative banding is inlaid on the rim of the case.

This photo shows the Alex Mathieson shoulder plane in its case. The plane has never been used. It has a full blade with its original factory grind on the bevel.

I put a brass plate on the end and engraved it with an "M" which references the Mathieson plane inside.

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