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Some time ago I posted an article on building a shoot board
for a right-handed Veritas shooting plane.

Here is what it looks like. This is a view of the completed shooting board. I opted to put a rail on the right side. You can read the article here.

I wanted to show you some other shoot boards I use in my work. I have used shooting boards since the mid-1970's, particularly in making small boxes. I have one long shooting board for full-sized miter planes and two smaller scale ones. The big one is 36 inches in length and made of willow oak.

This is the shooting board setup that I most frequently use. It will allow the shooting of both 90's and right and left 45's. In order to shoot a left 45 on moldings I have to use a plane other than the one in the photo.

This is a photo of the miter plane I use most frequently. Note the thumb tote and the skewed blade configuration.

This is a photo of the 45 block on my big shooting board.

This is the 90 stop on my big willow oak shooting board.

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