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Miniature tools are not toys. They work just like their bigger counterparts but at a much smaller scale.



I have made lots of miniature tools and I have been able to find small ones like the little boxwood spokeshave in the first two photos. I photographed it adjacent to a common English boxwood spokeshave which is 11 3/4ths inches long so you are aware of the scale.

I was delighted when Veritas started manufacturing tiny user tools and over time have added one each year when a different one becomes available. They are wonderful tools that I use often.

In order to protect them I made a case for them that keeps them free of dust and humidity.

The dovetailed case has brass banding on the rim and the profile of a small Dutch plane carved out of walnut set into a recess in the end.

The miniature tool that I use most is the shoulder plane which has a sole 1/4th inch wide. The little router gets a workout too followed by the spokeshave. I use both the shoulder plane and router to even grooves for banding that were created with a scratch stock.

James E. Price
April, 2017


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