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The purpose of this post is to encourage woodworkers to make their own planes. If you have never made one, consider giving it a try.


When you make a plane you become fully informed on the how's and why's of plane design and performance.

Photos in this post are of a little coffin smoother I made several years ago. Since I made the subject plane I have made at least a dozen more and with each one I have learned from previous mistakes.

I suggest for your first plane buy or borrow a wooden plane and simply copy it in detail.

The little smoother was born after a woodworker friend of mine had a fire in his shop which destroyed many old tools and charred a bunch more. He gave me the scorched plane from which this one was copied.

It was craftsman made with mismatched iron and cap iron. The iron and cap iron came from the original donor plane.

Fortunately the fire did not get hot enough to anneal the steel.

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