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Working with Hands - James E. Price

  " and a Little Child Shall Lead Them"  

That biblical verse is the first thought that popped in my head when I lined up my edge trimming planes...


... for a photograph because the Veritas miniature plane is leading the pack followed by a Stanley 95 and then an AMT, and serving as rear guard is a Veritas model.

The Stanley 95 was patented in 1912 and the others are much more recent knockoffs. Do they trim the edge of s board a perfect 90 degrees? You bet they do.

One of my mentors, Bruce Debo, used to carry a 95 in a side pocket of his overalls and whip it out and run the edge of a board and put it back in his pocket in only a few seconds.

I use them in making boxes out of wood up to 3/4ths inch in thickness. These are really handy for a beginner to use as a follow up to a long jointer for taking off a single shaving to make sure an edge is perfectly square from end to end.

James E. Price
July, 2017



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