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  Making a Leather Strop - part 1 1 of 10  

I have to make a leather strop for my coffin making tool kit that is compatible with tools of circa 1800...



... so for the main stock I selected a rived red oak board that I split out with a froe 6 years ago so it is seasoned well. I will leave the split marks on the bottom side opposite the leather.

When I was a kid here in the Missouri Ozarks lots of things were made from rived boards. Perhaps you will enjoy this post on how I prepared the thin stock and shaped the handle. I know that lots of you are advanced wood workers and you are probably familiar with the tools and techniques I employ.

So, this post is for the members of this group who are just starting woodworking using hand tools and want to learn the art. There will be a post tomorrow that shows the mounting and dressing of the leather to prepare a strop surface.

This is the rived board from which I will make the leather strop handle.

I selected a board that I had quarter split which will not warp or twist.

Using a straight edge I mark a line that follows one tree ring from one end to the other so there will be no cross grain in the handle.

The hatchet work comes next. Wood will be removed to the straight line.

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