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Thanks to a bitterly cold day, I got in some good shop time and continued my study of plane fences that can be made for less than $5.00.


Some beginners may want an edge trimming plane but do not want to spend $75-$150 for a Stanley 95 or a Lie Nielson equivalent.

This one I made out of Sepele wood. I also dug around in my vintage hardware stash and found two brass finials to adorn the mahogany jointer fence I made yesterday. Both fences work perfectly in planing edges of boards for joining. Consider making one; you'll like using it.

I also deal with adding a temporary fence to a common block plane to make an edge trimming plane.

I made it out of scrap wood and odds and ends in my stash of old fasteners. I spent a little over two hours making the fence. If you want a cheap edge-trimming plane, this is the way to get one.

The jointer fence in the background is the one I made yesterday. I made the one in the foreground today. The top fence is mounted on a common Stanley No. 5 and the bottom one is on a Bedrock 605.

This is the one I made out of mahogany yesterday with brass
finials added to the elevator bolts to give it a little flash.

The two fences are interchangeable between a Bedrock 605
and a common Stanley No. 5.

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