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I recently wrote a post on detachable fences for jointer planes. All of the examples in the post were manufactured.


Most of them are collectible and rather expensive for a beginning unplugged woodworker on a fixed budget which got me in the mindset to design and make a fence for less than $5.00.

It had to be simple and require no metalworking. It had to be designed so it would stay tightly secured to the plane and be exactly 90 degrees to the sole. The piece of hardware I settled on to accomplish this is an elevator bolt.

I found one in a bunch of old hardware I bought last year and was puzzled by it. I took it to Menards and showed it to the hardware manager and he took me to the area where it would be stocked and I found modern examples of it in different lengths. After I found out it's name, I conducted a bit of research and discovered this type of bolt is used to connect fabric conveyor belts in grain elevators.

I bought the bolts on Tuesday and yesterday I started making the jointer fence by selecting some scrap mahogany and preparing it for today. I worked a little over three hours today to finish the project. I have included lots of photos in this post to show you the steps in making a cheap fence for your jointer plane.

I made the fence for a Bedrock 605 but by looking at the photos you can make one for a 6, 7, or 8 jointer if you so desire.

I selected a piece of scrap mahogany for making the wooden component.

I then planed it flat because it had a slight cup in it.

Using a marking gauge to mark a line down the center of the board.

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