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Today I am making a dovetailed case for a gunmetal shoulder plane.




The wood I selected is red gum and it was cut from a 2x4 that was left in a cistern loft in my 1893 Queen Anne home. The loft contains a huge metal-lined timbered cistern that filled with rainwater from the roof and provided water to two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a laundry room well into the 20th Century.

The workmen used red gum 2x4's to provide temporary bracing when the cistern was built and, left them stacked against a wall where they stayed until I removed one last week to use in the constructions of a dovetailed box.

The 2x4 was sawn about 1891 in the big steam mill of Horton Land And Lumber, a company that moved here in 1889 from Pennsylvania. It was a huge lumbering operation that built trams into the swamps to harvest bald cypress, tupelo, swamp oak, and red gum. I love working red gum because it is a little softer than walnut but has a dense grain and is easy to carve.

The figure in the wood is outstanding and often looked like a muted image of sand dunes. When it came time to put banded inlay into the rim of the case I started a photo record of each step since I had not yet shared my method with members of this group. There are lots of ways to install banded inlay.

The method I use is based on my experience of four decades and is the most efficient that I have been able to perfect.

The dovetailed case is ready to receive banded inlay.

Banded inlay will be installed in the rim of the case.

I use a scratch stock to cut the groove for the inlay. I made this tool for the purpose of inlaying. It is far superior to handled scratch stocks like a Stanley 66.

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