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Working with Hands - James E. Price

  Unusual Fillister Plane  

A few years ago I found a fillister plane that departs from regular fillister planes that are quite common and usually fetch $30.00 or less depending on maker and condition.


This plane has a rear handle in a razee posture. I had never seen a handled fillister before I found this one in a box of wooden planes missing parts.

The handled fillister is in the background and
the common type in the foreground.

I had to do major restoration work on it which included making a rear handle and replacing a part of the sole behind the blade. Unfortunately this plane is unmarked but in my opinion it was certainly manufactured and not craftsman made.

After the restoration it turned out to be a great plane for rapidly cutting rabbets on long boards. I would appreciate knowing if anyone in this group has ever seen a long, handled moving fillister.

This is a view oh the right side of the fillister showing its
hardware and razee profile.

The left side of this plane departs drastically from a common fillister.
This one has a molding the full length.

This fillister, due to its length, is very stable when in use.

The fence and is hardware are similar to an ordinary fillister but twice as long.

James E. Price
June, 2017



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