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Various craftsmen have posted photos of their favorite tools which inspired me to pick some of the tools which are essential in making dovetails.

Without proper gauges the layout chore is difficult as I learned long ago attempting to lay out tails with an adjustable miter square.

Over the years I have purchased and made the gauges in the first four photos.

The second photo shows those I have made out of scraps. The one on the upper right in the second photo has an inlay of ebony and deer bone that interlock with dovetails.

The third photo are old dovetail gauges made by cabinetmakers in England in the 19th Century.

The fourth photo depicts commercially produced gauges, mostly of metal.

The last photo shows a strange tool that I use to rapidly establish dovetail spacing.

I have found that a selection of gauges is very useful since some work better on thick wood while others work great for making small boxes out of thinner wood. My gauges are definitely among my favorite things.

James E. Price
March, 2017



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