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  English Corner or Miter Clamps, Part 2 1 of 3  


Thanks for all the interest in the Preston corner or miter clamp which was the subject of my previous article.

I was inspired to show you similar English corner clamps that I have used several years.

Unlike American corner clamps that have two threaded shafts that exert force at 90 degrees one to the other, English clamps have but one screw that approaches the corner at a right angle.

I have selected clamps that illustrate the range in sizes and the way force is exerted on the wooden workpieces. All of these clamps work well and are very robust. Now that you know what an English corner clamp looks like, you can be on the lookout for one.

This photo of four English corner clamps illustrate the variation in size and design variation. The one on the lower right is the Preston clamp I discussed previously.

The photo below illustrates the top of the medium sized clamp. A simple crossbar engages the wooden workpieces.

The clamp is tightened by turning the thumbscrew to the left.

This is a photo of the bottom or back of the medium-sized clamp. This clamp is absent any manufacturer's mark.

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