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  Center Marking Gauges  

Thank all of you for your interest in the dovetail gauges I discussed in my post sometime ago.


I looked around my bench for other layout tools that might interest you and settled on center marking gauges that I use frequently to scribe a line or mark a point in the exact center of a board.

These are highly akin to common marking gauges that scribe a line parallel go an edge but these instantly find center and scribe a line parallel to both edges.

You might want to make one of these to speed up center finding without having to adjust dividers. I have used the wooden one for about 30 years after I got it from a seller out of England.

The brass specimen also came from England and I use it on small projects. Both have sharpened steel pins in the center of the central part. The brass one is delicate and I keep it in a walnut case so it does not suffer damage.

James E. Price
March, 2017



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