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There is one chamfer plane in my chest that is exceptional.



I use almost all of my old tools but after initially trying it out I retired it to be looked at only.


I have made lots of tools and I feel I am a rank amateur compared to the craftsman who made this plane. Some day I hope to make one just like it.

The workmanship is simply awesome and the maker stands out in my mind as a master of the master tool makers. Not only was he a maker, he was an artist. It is English in origin and I have owned it about 35 years having purchased from a longtime English tool dealer and friend, Reg Eaton.

He showed it to me, told me it was my kind of tool, and shot me a very low price which I immediately felt was more than fair. The body of the plane is only 4 inches long and it measures 2 1/8 inches tall and 2 1/8 inches wide so it is quite small for a chamfer plane.

The maker chose burl mahogany for the body, African ebony for the sliding box, and Macassar ebony for the wedge. On the top front he made an inlay consisting of three diamond-shaped pieces of veneer and on the front of the box he carved an exquisite Cupid's bow.

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