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Working with Hands - James E. Price

  Making Simple Bevel Gauge  

I have been wanting to make a wooden bevel gauge and finally tackled that task today.



In a couple of hours I had it to the stage you see in the photos, about 95% completed. All that remains to do is some filing, scraping, and application of a finish. It is made of scrap walnut and didn't cost one cent.

You may recognize the head of the brass bolt that is inletted into one side of the gauge. It is the bolt that holds a porcelain toilet to the floor. In this new life it keeps the bolt from turning when the wing nut is tightened or loosened.

The washer and wing nut came out of junk boxes. I did a little decorative filing on the ears of the wing nut, just enough to make it more appealing. The corners in the central part of the stock are slightly chamfered so it will be easy on my hands.

James E. Price
May, 2017

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