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Jim Hendricks, You wanted to acquaint yourself with my Spiers of Ayr panel plane I recently added to my tool chest.


It is 15-3/4ths inches in length and has the sole extending both fore and aft beyond the infill. It's width is three inches and it is in good but not excellent condition. It has some rust pitting and there is a small chip off the tote.

Some former owner, perhaps Mr. A. Dip, whose owner's stamp is on it in two places, scribed two lines on the steel for the angle of the bed and the front of the cutter. He then removed a little of the bed face to allow the iron to assume a slightly lower angle to close the mouth to almost nothing.

I will restore it to its factory angle to open the throat a bit. The scribed lines are visible in the photo below. They are on both sides.

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