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  Stanley No. 45 Case I Made in 1975 1 of 2  

This plane has special memories for me and it is one of the first planes I cased right after I learned how to cut dovetails by hand.


I didn't have much choice of seasoned wood back then so an old farmer gave me some willow oak boards that he had in the loft of his barn and fashioned this box from them.

The box was made to hold the 45 with the long rods in it and to store the cased cutters at one end.

The plane is held firmly in place with a bridle and rod ends are inserted in holes in a bracket on the back wall of the box. This has been very effective in keeping the plane fully restrained inside the case.

The box lid has two panels held in rabbets by little moldings I created with the first scratchstock I ever made. The case measures 16 inches long, 10 3/4ths inches wide, and 7 3/4ths inches tall.

This is a photo of the back of the 45 case I made. It is rather eerie that I used the exact kind of hinges on this case as the old craftsman used on his Stanley 55 case which I show below. I made the 45 case in 1975 and did not see the 55 case until 2010.

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