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Working with Hands - James E. Price

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I am putting together a set of tools to take to The Cumberland Gap National Park.

The event is not until April 9-11, 2016 but I want to be fully prepared and not forget a tool ...

... that I will need so I have started pulling out tools and evaluating them as to their appropriateness for the demonstration.

Most of the tools will be used in a coffin making demonstration I will be doing but I am taking along some other woodworking tools for display purposes in our activity area.

The target dates are from circa 1785 to 1820 so I will be using period tools or ones that will pass as being from that time window.

These are some of the tools I am considering.

The chisel with the new handle that I posted about yesterday is in the center of the assemblage. The handle will be stained and patinated so it will blend with the rest of the tools. The little bow saw has real animal sinew serving as the cord on its windless.

I am including a bow drill with its bow for drilling pilot holes for some square nails. We have found from experience that this is necessary to avoid splitting of the wood during assembly of a coffin. The trammel points are delightful. The fixed post is pegged to the beam and the sliding post is locked in place by a captured sliding wedge.

These are some of the other tools I have begun to amass that are appropriate for the early 19th Century.

Both decorated dividers are 18th Century in origin and the hand forged calipers are probably from that time. The hammer is an early hand forged specimen and the handmade marking gauge is probably also. The tool to the left of the marking gauge is a scribing knife and awl combination which is quite early.

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