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Working with Hands - James E. Price

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We were busy in The Heritage Shop at Ozark Scenic Riverways with my students making boxes for tools and supplies out of rived red oak boards.

The boxes are based on one I made a year ago with very primitive tools. They are laced together at the corners with leather or artificial sinew.

Today I got way down the road on making a box with a partition in the middle. Square nails of two sizes will be stored in this box and they will be used in the construction of wooden coffins.

Working with rived boards poses many challenges because their surfaces are rough and convoluted and each board is of a different thickness, sometimes from one end to the other.

This is a box I was working on, with the captive bottom, sides, and ends held firmly together with wire ties.

The box being fitted with a lid.

The box I worked on today rests atop of one I made last year. You can see the brown sinew lacing that holds the box together.

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