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Long before screw pilot drill bits and countersinks for power drills were manufactured,...


... there were many types that were made for use in a brace. Those in the first photo are my favorite type and I use them frequently when I am inserting screws in a project. Not only do they bore pilot holes for screws, the also create countersinks for screw heads. I have never found a set of this type of pilot drill/countersink.

This photo shows a "set" of screw pilot drills that I assembled for use in a brace.

The assemblage you see in the photo was found over the years a single bit at a time. I find I have complete control of boring a pilot hole and countersinking it to accommodate a screw head because I can turn the bit slowly with a brace unlike modern pilot drills driven by a cordless or corded power drill. If you happen to locate some of these drills in your search for old tools, I highly recommend you get them and give them a try.

Today I selected a gunmetal Horton brace to drill screw pilot holes.

I use an awl to indent the spot for a screw so the pilot bit can start
precisely at that exact place. The wood is local sassafras.

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