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Speaking of screw pilot hole and countersink bits from over a century ago,...




... today's post deals with countersinks that are not integral with a bit, but rather, attach to a bit for boring and countersinking holes for the insertion of screws.

The first photo illustrates an assemblage of this tool type made before 1900 for use in a brace. All are extremely rare and I considered it a milestone day when I found each one of these tools. They are explained in captions with each photo.

This photo illustrates an assemblage of countersink devices for boring screw pilot holes. These attachments allow an advantage of boring screw pilot holes of various depths depending where they are attached to bits along their lengths.

Both of these specimens are British in origin and "sandwich" over a bit shank.

All of these countersink attachments were issued U.S. Patents. The specimen on the left is British in origin. Notable is the second specimen from the left. The two specimens on the right are made of cast iron.

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