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I See Tools in Junk

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Friday at an open air flea market I spotted the brass head of an old broken walking cane and saw a plane setting hammer. It cost me three dollars.


It was rather green with corrosion so when I got it home I cleaned and polished it as you see in the first photo. Searching through my parts I found a brass ferrule that would serve as a decorative cap for the back end of the mahogany handle.

I made a wooden peen out of a rosewood scrap and fitted it to one end of the brass rod gripped so tightly in the brass hand. Corners of the rosewood block were planed away to create an octagonal peen and the striking end was chamfered.

I now have a nice but cheap setting hammer worthy of striking irons and wedges in my old infill planes.

This is what the broken cane looked like after I polished the head.

This photo shows the back of the brass hand.

And, this is a view of the front.

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