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If you haunt auctions, antique stores, flea markets, and yard sales long enough you will
finally score the big one.



I did that in 1989 at an open-air flea market in an abandoned drive-in theater at Pevely, Missouri.

I had found very little at the market and a picker I knew showed up and took me to his truck to show me a plane he thought I might want. He reached into a box of junk and pulled out the plane featured in this post. He told me he had to have $70.00 for it to make a profit. That was a fair price at the time so I opted for it because I liked the carving and that it was an infill plane.

With this post I am drawing on the collective knowledge of this group to help me ascertain where it was made and in what ethnic group such planes were used. The plane is the work of a master and probably originated in Continental Europe.

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