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A tool buddy of mine recently sold me a never-used Record 311 3-in-1 shoulder plane and today I made a simple case for it and tried out its various functions. In my opinion it has four functions.


It can be used as a shoulder plane, a rabbet plane, a bullnose rabbet plane, and a chisel plane. After I had used the plane for various purposes I came to the realization that this plane would make a great tool for a beginner as a next step after they had bought and learned how to use basic bench planes like a smoother, a jack, a try, and a jointer.

This Record 311 would be an economical way to have a plane that, through transformation, would serve as several planes and take up less space than multiple planes. These 311's sell from about $80.00 for a used one up to $250 for one unused and in the original box. Record copied the Preston 311 and did a quality job in precision machining a fine tool.

This is a photo of my Record 311 plane in its new case.

The nose piece is in the compartment on the lower left and an extra blade is stored in the compartment above the plane. The case will keep all parts of the plane together and free from humidity and dust so the next owner will have a very nice plane sometime in the future.

The plane does an excellent job cutting a rabbet.

The front half of the plane can be removed by removal of a single screw.

With the nose piece attached, it becomes an excellent bullnose rabbet plane.

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