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Morrill’s Patent Adjustable Bench Stop

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Beginning unplugged woodworkers often ask me the best kind of bench stop to use and I do not hesitate to recommend a Morrill’s Patent adjustable stop mounted in the wooden jaw of a tail vise and directly aligned with the dog holes in the bench.

For those in this group who have never seen or used this type of stop, this post is for you. There are two types of Charles Morrill’s stop and I prefer the No. 1 which is the model described and illustrated in this post.

It mounts in a mortised hole in the chop of a tail vise and the post can be raised and lowered by loosing a screw in the top surface, moving the post to the desired height, and tightening the screw. The screw activates a cam that bears on the vertical post and locks it firmly at the desired height to hold a workpiece when the tail vise is screwed forward and the workpiece is against a dog in a dog hole in the bench.

I have included several photos with captions to illustrate the anatomy of a Morrill bench stop and how it is mounted. If you are lucky, you may be able to find one of these stops for under $20.00. They retail for about $35.00 on the collector market. In my opinion, after using one for 40 years, that is still a bargain.

This photo shows a Morrill bench stop mounted in the chop of a tail vise.
The post top plate has a denticulated side and a plain side without teeth.
The post can be removed and turned around so you can use the other side.

This is a side view of this type of bench stop showing the locking
mechanism on the right.

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