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Working with Hands - James E. Price

  Early Bit Brace 2 of 2  

This shows a detail of the head. The square peg captures the head that
has a groove around a cylindrical shaft that is integral with the head.

This photo shows the pad inserted in the brace and captured by a leaf spring.
The refitted thumb screw holds the bit in the chuck.

This shows the thumb screw in the iron chuck retaining the bit.

Above the pad and in the square pad tang hole is the iron mount for the spring. It is the rectangular feature above the pad.

This shows some of the aesthetic detail carved on the brace by its maker.

The head does not have a pivot dowel coming through it. The dowel was
turned as a projection of the head and goes in a hole, captured
there with a square peg.

This is the iron chuck on a wooden pad.

Note the saw marks on the pad tang.

James E. Price
January, 2018


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