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Working with Hands - James E. Price

  Making Authentic Replica of Trencher 2 of 2  

This photo shows Jim Strauch using a gouge to hollow a trencher.

We also experimented with adzes to hollow trenchers and found
that they worked as well as gouges but took more skill in reading
the grain and working with it.

This photo shows Joe Kelly rapidly carving a trencher depression.

I experimented using all the tools in this photo to carve the depression.
The crooked knives and scorps proved to work well in removing
the tool marks made with large gouges.

I treat culinary treen with hazelnut oil. I bought a case of the stuff
from a dented can store 15 years ago. It is available in grocery
 stores for about $9.00 per can.

This photo shows my prototype trencher after it had been saturated
with hazelnut oil. Note that I left tool marks on the wood to make
it look like it was made on the American Frontier.

James E. Price
September, 2017

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