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Working with Hands - James E. Price

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I finished another tool
case today that holds
three planes, two bullnosed rabbet planes, and a shoulder plane.



It is a convenient assemblage of planes I will be using in demonstrations.

The shoulder plane is set extremely fine and one rabbet plane is set fine and the other one takes a coarser cut. I also had room to put a little covered cavity in one of the retaining blocks to hold a piece of beeswax for lubricating the plane soles. There is a sliding wedge that retains one rabbet plane and the shoulder plane to lock them in the case. All three planes were used in the making of the mahogany case.

This photo shows the case ready to receive the three planes.
The black material is flocking to cushion the shoulder plane.

In one retaining block there is a cavity with a brass
lid for holding a piece of beeswax.

This photo shows the cavity opened to gain access to a stick of beeswax.

The first plane to go in the box is a fine bullnosed rabbet.

The shoulder plan then goes one tier up and does not touch
the rabbet plane underneath it.

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