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Unplugged woodworking involves far more than planes, saws and chisels.

Many other tools are obscure and seldom, if ever, mentioned in discussions.


I wish to mention one such type of obscure unplugged woodworking tool, wooden pool cue end tenoning devices.

Tenons on the end of pool cues hold the rubber tips in place. Over the years I have assembled a collection of pool cue tenoning tools and the photos accompanying this post illustrate some of them. Most of these devices are adjustable and can cut round tenons much smaller in diameter than can be achieved with hollow augers.

This type of pool cue tenoning machine works similar to a cranked
mechanical pencil sharpener.

This is a close-up photo of the kind of round tenon the Whitney machine cuts.

This pool cue tenoning device, like others, has a collet that firmly holds
a pool cue in position while the cutting head is cranked to cut a tenon.

This version has a cranked bitstock permanently attached
to the cutting head and collet.

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