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Working with Hands - James E. Price

  Tuning Small English Scrapers  

Some time ago Russ Runge and I did a joinery demonstration at Ozark Heritage Day near Van Buren, Missouri and we each brought some personal tools to use.


Russ brought a recent acquisition, a rosewood English card scraper stock so I could show him how to use it.

I took one glance at it and told him he needed the other part, the wedge. I told him that I would make him a boxwood wedge to complete the scraper and make it function properly.

So, today I made the wedge to complete his tool. Making the thin wedge is no easy task and it took me over three hours to get the taper just right on a very small piece of boxwood. It turned out like I wanted it to and it will further dress up a wonderful Sheffield tool.

How do I know it will fit his scraper stock? These scraper stocks were all, regardless of maker, made based on the pattern books of Sheffield.

Beyond the square is the subject card scraper stock. It could be used without a wedge but from time to time the scraper blade would slip in its stock and have to be repositioned. The wedge helps hold the blade and prevents such slippage.

On the left is the card scraper stock wedge that I made. On the right
are two complete Sheffield scrapers with original wedges in place.

This photo shows my replacement wedge with two original wedges.

This photo shows the replacement wedge in a scraper stock.

And this photo shows the replacement wedge in the other scraper stock.

James E. Price
November, 2017

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