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  Decorating Wood with Punch Marks 2 of 2  

I also make my own decorative punches.

The other day at the local open-air flea market a vendor had lots of pieces of steel for a dollar each so I bought some square stock of four different sizes and today I made some wood punches out of a portion of each piece.

I used a jeweler's saw and some needle files to form the pyramidal teeth on the ends to make dentate stamp impressions when struck with a hammer. It took me less than an hour to make four stamps. I did not make any precise measurements but simply eyeballed where each triangular file groove had to be to make the patterns.

The four finished punches are above the saw in this photo.
The stock from which I made them are to the right of the box of needle files.

This photo shows the denticulate patterns I filed on the ends of
the punches and an impression of each one in a piece of poplar wood.

This is a photo of the wood punches in a little rosewood box I made
where they will be stored with antique punches.

Now I have a better selection of punch sizes.

James E. Price
July, 2017

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