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Working with Hands - James E. Price

  Decorating Wood with Punch Marks 1 of 2  

A subject rarely discussed is a practice of punch decorating wood. I have several tools and pieces of furniture from the mountainous Tyrolean region of western Austria that have punch decorations on them.

As a child I got to see an old German man, Walter Eckstein, using punches on some of the wooden things he made in his shop. Later I was able to obtain two of his wood punches and have used them for years.

Keep in mind that decorated goosewing axes from the Tyrol also bear punch decorations so this practice was not limited to wood only.

This is a spinning wheel from the Tyrolean Region with
common star punch decorations.

This is a whimsical carving I did on a tool case that I punched
with a rectangular dentate stamp.

These are some of my punches and the imprints they
made on a piece of poplar wood.

Round wood punches have a radial pattern that imparts a star on wood.
The rectilinear and square punches have a dentate pattern on them and
were sometimes used to create textured background in relief carvings.

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