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  Panel Plane on the Cheap  

I bought this panel plane
on the cheap at auction because it had only a quarter of an inch of the cutter remaining and it is cast iron.


Collectors tend to shun from this kind of planes in favor of dovetailed infill planes.

No problem for me because I have a stash of English irons and since it had a worn out Sorby iron in it, I replaced it with a Sorby iron that has about three-fourths of the laid-on steel remaining.

The bed measures 12 3/4th inches in length. It is probably Scottish in origin and a likely date when it was made is in the 1850's. It has some cosmetic problems and the replacement blade needs honing. But, it has found the right guy to give it the care it deserves.

It has a very narrow mouth and will make a great panel plane for hardwoods. It has a wooden wedge and the casting has thin cast walls so it is much lighter in weight than my other panel planes.

I am rather excited about getting it tuned properly and in use at my bench. I have found that the early panel planes with a wooden wedge are harder to find than the later ones with gunmetal lever caps so I am pleased too add this one to my arsenal.

James E. Price
June, 2017


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